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Land Surveys

engineering surveys

HD 3D Laser Scanning

We carry out detailed topographical surveys and measured building surveys as required by each individual project, large or small.  Providing accurate information as the basis of all proposed investigations and developments we are invited to become involved with.

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We are experienced setting out engineers, setting out multimillion pound projects to well within client tolerances and ensuring that projects are positioned and built as expected.

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Our scanning projects range from surveys for rights to light & BIM (Building Information Modelling). We also carry out bespoke projects which include scans for fitting out carbon fibre super yachts and limited access surveys.

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Drone / UAV Surveys

Why Drones?

  • Where apropriate work more efficiently and increase productivity by focusing on using and analysing data ensuring no critical data is missed.
  • Jobs requiring special access to roofs, bridge arches and other height related surveys can be completed safely & within a few hours minimising risk to survey teams
  • Repeatable annual surveys to monitor facades, bridges, towers and river or costal erosion.

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