"we've got the precise measure of it!"


As with all our equipment we have monitored the development of Drones/UAVs, their progress, their use and ultimately the deliverables to the client.  We have come to the point where it has been proven that Drones/UAVs are now a viable survey tool and can aid in our data collection providing our clients with unparalleled information when combined with our topographic and 3D laser scanned surveys.

Deliverables from the drone include:

  • Geo-referenced 2D orthomosaics.
  • 3D building models and point clouds which can be further enhanced by addition of our laser scanned data.
  • Digital Surface Models.
  • Repeatable and Live inspection surveys; The flight plans of each job is logged and saved all our surveys can be repeated to enabling accurate monitoring of all the surfaces under inspection.
  • Construction Monitoring.
  • Agricultural and Archaeological mapping.

We are also able to provide surveys of large areas captured with lidar from drones owned and operated by our partnered company. 

All our pilots used are CAA certified, Insured and keep logs of all their flights.

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