"we've got the precise measure of it!"

Engineering Surveys

We have the equipment and expertise to enable each member of our staff to provide professional and accurate services to the client, enabling us to provide accurate as built measured detailed drawings during and or after construction.


We have experience in the installation of precise control networks and detailed surveys for large scale road and drainage schemes and providing engineers to ensure the correct installation, direction and falls are maintained. Surveys of existing units, roads and services prior to installation of Large Building Projects and maintenance of Industrial Development Schemes ensuring boundaries, roads and services are located and recorded accurately and providing engineers to ensure accurate and error free installation.

Setting Out

We are experienced setting out engineers, setting out multimillion pound projects to well within client tolerances and ensuring that projects are positioned and built as expected.

Our engineers are experienced in all of the following:

  • Buildings - all types of materials including Brick and Steel Frame Buildings.
  • National and Smaller Drainage Schemes - these include new village schemes, housing developments and national pipelines.
  • Landfill bund setting out, calculate volumes of clay liner placed and/or removed and monitoring the volume of land fill waste added as required by government legislation.
  • Re-instatement of lost site datum and controls to either local datum and grid or to national grid.
  • As-built survey information and check surveys.

We can provide you with a competitive rate for our site engineers, please call for information or to discuss your requirements so we can provide a package to suit your requirements.

Dimensional Control

With the use of our precise specialist equipment which is calibrated regularly and our tried and tested procedures, back checking and redundant measurements we ensure that all our data is collected and validated to well within the tolerance required for each individual project.

With the additional use of our 3D laser Scanners and Drones we produce accurate 3D models, which can be interrogated for installation of additional services without having to revisit the site. 

We offer onshore and offshore services to ensure our clients have all the detailed information required to tie into an existing building, rig or valve chambers ensuring that any proposed alterations or developments will fit without having to make 'site adjustments.' 

Benefits & Savings Benefits and Savings: 

  • Minimise offshore activities by maximising onshore activities, reducing installation times.

  • Minimise shutdown durations by eliminating rework on site.

  • Reductions to construction schedule and costs with no retrospective engineering.

  • Early project completion by maximising working efficiency.

For more details on where we can help or provide our expertise please contact us:

Call us: 01362 668504 - We will be pleased to help