"we've got the precise measure of it!"

Land Surveys

We carry out bespoke detailed topographical surveys and measured building surveys as required our clients to their specific requirements as part of an important team of professional providing and achieving an end goal for the client. 

Sites include but are not limited to:

  • Development land for purchase or investment.
  • Commercial Premises area calculations and land and building use.
  • Schools, Colleges and Private homes not limited to size or accessibility.
  • Rivers and streams for flood risk assessments.
  • Coastal surveys for in assessing erosion rates and cliff degradation.
  • Pylons & Masts asset management and condition.
  • Land fill sites for volume control and monitoring.

We use up to date and annually assessed equipment and are not shy to purchase or hire specific equipment to carry out a task as required seamlessly meeting our clients' expectations.

GPS Control

We GPS controls to ensure all are surveys are to National Grid coordinates and Ordnance Survey datum unless otherwise agreed with our clients. In large open areas, we can carry out accurate RTK (Real Time Kinematic) GPS surveys enabling faster data capture and data turn around to the client.

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